Wooden Stair Treads

The best wooden stair treads and risers preserve the look of your stairs while simultaneously enhancing their performance.  They are an integral component to any set of stairs, ensuring both safety and long-term ease of maintenance.  When it comes time to repair or replace them, you must make sure you handle the job with care.  This means choosing quality parts.

Replacing Stair Treads

Even the most sturdy stairs will become worn with time. Years of active use are bound to take their toll, requiring homeowners to conduct routine maintenance from time to time. Thankfully, replacing stair treads is something you can do on your own with a bit of patience and do-it-yourself savvy. To get started, inspect the undercarriage of the staircase to get an idea of how the stair was installed originally. The best way to remove old treads is by simply reversing the steps of the installation process. After removal be sure to check the framing for integrity before installing the new treads and make any necessary repairs. Be sure to use adhesive as well as nails when mounting your new treads for the highest quality job.