Gorgeous, gleaming handrail provides an eye-catching finishing touch to any set of stairs.  The most prominent feature of the staircase, the railing is truly the crowning piece. When choosing your handrail consider the durability and design.  We stock a wide range of profiles so that you can find the piece that’s right for your project.

Choosing Wood Handrails

There's nothing quite like the dramatic, sweeping line of  well-designed handrails. Rich woods in inviting finishes create a real sense of warmth. Whether your architecture leans toward stately and classic or streamlined and contemporary the handrail will go a long way toward completing the look. Handrails come in a variety of shapes and sizes making it easy to mix and match design elements along the balustrade. We offer a range of pieces designed to work well with both post to post and over the post designs, and we can customize items to suit individual preferences.